April 02, 2009

Somebody lurks in the shadows

M83 live is an entirely different experience to couch listening. There is real energy in the dazzling, haunting, space-age synths, and this is channeled through both Anthony Gonzalez, the man behind the music, and Morgan Kibby, the woman behind the haunting vocals on many of the tracks of Saturdays=Youth.

(Incidentally, Kibby's L.A. band The Romanovs have some cool tracks, albeit slightly different to M83. Instead of fuzzy distortion there are intricate violins, but Kibby's voice is still distinctive:


While it's possible to listen to Saturdays=Youth passively, the live sound was filled with tension and grandeur impossible to resist. The set ended (too early) with epic extended versions of "Skin of the Night", "A Guitar and a Heart", and "Couleurs" as the encore.

M83 has released a new song and some remixes with his We Own the Sky EP. The remixes are nothing to write home about, but "Je Vous Hais Petites Filles" (I Hate You Little Girls) fits in well with earlier M83.

February 20, 2009

To Reach the Clouds

Last year's documentary Man on Wire, superbly directed by James Marsh, is worthy of the amazing feat it presents. It details the 45 minute death-defying wirewalk of Phellippe Petit in 1974 between the rooftops of the World Trade Center almost 500 metres above the ground, and dramatisises the story and characters involved in the event. While the stunt itself is almost unbelievable, the preparations, lead up, and aftermath are equally captivating.

This is accomplished by the combination of reenactments, interviews, actual footage, and especially the soundtrack. It takes a while to get into the film, but once the twin tower 'heist' is introduced the suspense builds to a satisfying climax (see above image.)

Accompanying much of the real footage and photos taken by Phillippe's friends is a soundtrack that subtly adds to the mood and makes 90 minutes of tightrope walking surprisingly watchable. Many of the pieces are from minimalist composer Michael Nyman, whose string and piano arrangements flow behind interviews and pictures seamlessly and elevate them to an epic scale.

Time Lapse - Michael Nyman

Early on in the film we are presented with Phillippe walking on air over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Fleetwood Mac's classic instrumental "Albatross", which makes it seem so easy.

Albatross - Fleetwood Mac

Midway through the preparations there is a bit of action, which is the perfect excuse to pop in Walter Murphy's "A Fifth Of Beethoven".

A Fifth Of Beethoven - Walter Murphy

The documentary won two awards at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, and also recently a BAFTA. Watch it for both the incredible story and the package James Marsh has bundled it in.

February 06, 2009

Alex gets Happy

Alex Ridha makes everyone happy though...does he not? This is a great prelude for their March album as well. Make sure you keep some spare change aside for then.

December 24, 2008

Zombie's are worth something?

This is worth it. The video (originally here, thanks to jeroener) is of Florian's friend Tiga playing a new Zombie Nation track at Soulwaxmas in Rotterdam 2008. The rip is the prosaic audio from it. Zombie Nation's album is releasing around March and this track should be available on January 12 of the coming year as a pre-release to his album. "Sick Is The New Healthy" is the B-Side of that pre-release. Make sure you invest a couple of dollars into both of these releases when they are made available.

Worth It (Prosaic Quality), Alternative

December 23, 2008

Sufjan's Songs for Christmas Vol 8

New material from Sufjam "Stovetop" Stevens! Fortunately for us, one of Sufjan's friends embraced the spirit of Christmas and shared Songs for Christmas Vol. 8, fittingly titled Astral Inter Planet Space Captain Christmas Infinity Voyage.

The 40 minute EP continues the tradition of reanimating classic Christmas songs, this time including great versions of "Joy To The World", "Do You See What I See?" and original tracks that perhaps will be the classics of the next generation, like the intimate "Christmas In The Room."

Sufjan brought his Christmas spirit this year from outer space, with robots and extra-terrestrial blips accompanying him on most of the songs.

December 16, 2008

Nevereverland Melbourne

Klaxons playing one of their new songs, "Moonhead"

Crappy audio rip from the video.

Hercules & Love Affair's brass section breaking into a free-form jazz solo

And just because they were there, here's The Presets "Are You The One?"